About the Scholarship


Background on the HCCNC Scholarship Fund

In 1999, the three founders of the HCCNC realized that a unique synergy existed among all their acquaintances who either were from Hawai‘i and living in the mainland or spent time in Hawai‘i and were familiar with the Hawaiian way which consists of a blend of trust, good humor and a genuine desire to help one another. This, they realized, was a business intangible that is normally only developed after months – maybe years of doing business with a person or a group. This, they also realized, was a valuable commodity among their acquaintances and those in a similar situation that should be identified, organized and focused to generate value.

Today, with almost 3,000 members, the HCCNC has accomplished its goal of setting up an organization that kama‘ainas turn to for ‘ohana away from home. Our goal from the beginning was to find ways to give back to our community. Thus, in the true Hawaiian spirit, the HCCNC has set up a scholarship fund to ensure that leadership in the Hawai‘i community is rewarded and enabled through our support.


Scholarship Program

Our goal is to support future leaders as role models for the Hawai‘i community. The Scholarship Program is aimed at strengthening the pipeline of Bay Area college- bound students and ensuring retention so that more students obtain their degrees. We seek to support qualified kama‘aina, and assist them in making the transition from high school to college, and from Hawai‘i to the mainland. In 2018, HCCNC awarded scholarships to three eligible college bound students. Applications, which require a written essay describing each applicant’s strengths, and how their education will benefit the Hawai‘i community, are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership qualities

  • Involvement in the community

  • Clarity of direction and goals

  • Academic achievement

  • Letters of recommendation

Mentor Program

A vital component of the Scholarship Program is the Mentor Program. Each scholarship recipient will be assigned a mentor, who will be responsible for ensuring that s/he is part of the larger Hawaiian community here. The mentors will be culled from HCCNC membership, who will be asked to provide support with the social, academic and financial adjustments faced by Hawai‘i students during their transition into higher education in a new environment. In addition to networking events, there may be internships available with kama‘aina.