For over twenty years our mission has been to serve as a bridge, connecting Hawai‘i expatriates in Northern California. During that time we've put on over 100 business mixers and community events, hosted over 15 annual Five Star Aloha Galas, and given over $85,000 in scholarships to Hawai‘i students studying in the San Francisco Bay Area.



HCCNC was officially organized as a California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation that was formed as a result of several discussions and meetings among the three founders, all originally from Hawai'i and now living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. The founders realized that a unique synergy existed among all their acquaintances who either were from Hawai‘i and living in the mainland or spent time in Hawai‘i and were familiar with the Hawaiian way which consists of a blend of trust, good humor and a genuine desire to help one another.

This, they realized, was a business intangible that is normally only developed after months – maybe years of doing business with a person or a group. This, they also realized, was a valuable commodity among their acquaintances and those in a similar situation that should be identified, organized and focused to generate value.

Three major groups have been initially identified as those that can gain value from the HCCNC:

  1. People involved in commerce or business originally from Hawai‘i and now living in the Bay Area
  2. People doing business with Hawai‘i from the Bay Area
  3. Businesses in Hawai‘i with an interest in the Bay Area. HCCNC is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the most value to these three major groups. All the time and labor is purely voluntary, a true display the Aloha Spirit is thriving in the Bay Area!


Aloha is our business

Wherever we are originally from, whether the Eastside, Westside, big city Honolulu or neighbor islands, once we’re here on the Mainland, people from Hawai‘i share a strong natural bond with one another. We meet on the street for the very first time, and within minutes, we’re like family. There is an instant sense of trust and a genuine desire to help each other. This feeling of ohana is what makes Hawai‘i so special and unique.

Recognizing this feeling of ‘ohana that we all share, the Hawai‘i Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (HCCNC) was established as a nonprofit corporation to bring us together, for the benefit of all. If you’re new to the Mainland and looking for a dentist, or insurance agent, or realtor that understands ‘ohana and will take special care of others from Hawai‘i, or if you’re seeking career opportunities in California or looking for a new job back home in Hawai‘i, we can help.

The mission of HCCNC is to serve as a bridge, connecting Hawai‘i expatriates in Northern California. While having fun and building friendships are also important objectives, HCCNC is much more than a social club. Our primary goal is to help advance your career or business through relevant seminars, speakers and networking events. 

Aloha is our business.
— HCCNC motto

What We've Achieved

  • $85,000+ in education scholarships granted to 20 recipients
  • 100+ business mixers and community events
  • 15 Five Star Aloha Galas and counting
  • 2,000+ HCCNC individual members
  • 50+ business and organization members
  • $5,000+ raised for the SF Firefighters Holiday Toy Drive
  • Countless memories. friendships, and business connections